Health and Education

Ill health undermines the ability to develop life needs, care for the surrounding environment, and acquire skills, making it present in situations, wars, and disasters. Quality and appropriate education for children turns into preparing quality and proper education for children in the face of schools and the deterioration of education and damage of quality education in those areas.

Early Recovery and livelihood

To move from dependence on humanitarian relief to development, resilience must be strengthened, capacity rebuilt or enhanced, and a contribution to solving long-term problems causing or resulting from crises.

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Emergency relief

An emergency is an exceptional situation such as natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and armed conflict such as civil wars. The response to these cases includes relief, rescue, evacuation, or temporary public transport service before, during, or after an emergency.

Shelter and non-food items

In wars, conflicts, and disasters, people lose their homes, so providing a safe place for families and groups of people helps save them through temporary or permanent housing and distributing non-food items such as clothes, blankets, and cooking equipment.