Working together all over NORTH AND EAST SYRIA with one goal.

HDC is an independent body that uses its attorney to ‎‎diagnose the problems in cooperation ways and analyze different data and info to ‎‎find the fit solution for better performance of those ‎‎infrastructures and more efficiency of investing natural ‎resources and its delivered services, ‎that can lead the ‎situation forward to sustainable ‎development. ‎

It can communicate with ‎many ‎sides (companies, investors, foundations, ‎‎organizations, and universities) to execute its study outcomes.‎

From relief to recovery:

HDC activates in the NES area to help people those effect by conflict and suffer from multi-poverty dimensions at essential life aspects by taking part in building resilience for individuals and communities to mitigate the impact of the crisis and its repercussions on their psychological and physical health through many relief activities and humanitarian response, which distances them from the possibilities of inefficiency or social impotence and enables them to meet the basic needs needed, thus safeguarding the human right to a decent life.

From recovery to development

HDC will stand with the people of NES not only in the phase of humanitarian relief but also in the phase of recovery to make it as early as possible by building an integrated vision toward the requirements of this phase, resulting in projects that build resilience for members of society and qualify them to possess material and cognitive productive assets that enable them to be self-reliant, also pushes them to shape the developmental future they desire.