With the cooperation of:
With the participation of 31 local organizations:
1-Bukra Ahla Society for Relief and Development.
2_Shamal charity association
3-DAN for Relief and Development
4-PÊL- Civil Waves
5-Salam Organization
6-Das Leben Organization
7-Wefaq Association for Relief and Development
8-Friends charitable society
9-Shar for Development
10-DOZ Organization
11-Humanitarian and Development Cooperation Organisation
12-Lights for development and construction
13-NUDEM Organization
14- Platform for civil society organizations in northeastern Syria.
15- Green Jadayel Association.
16-Land of Peace Association.
17- Both our Center
18- Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Northeastern Syria
19-Darsheen Organization
20-White Hope Organization
21-Ashti Center
22- Humanitarian Cooperation Organization
23-Amal Organization
24-Stabilization Support Center.
25-Aila Organization
26- Shar Center
27- Smart Organization
28- Rojava Organization
29- White Humanitarian Organization
30-Amin Association.
31- Lotus Association
In cooperation with 10 institutions of the Autonomous Administration, such as:
1- Agriculture and irrigation Administration of Al_Jazeera.
2- Forestry and Reserves Administration.
3- Department of Animal Resources
4- Department of Water Resources.
5- Department of Plant Protection.
6- Department of Environment .
7-Civil Society Organizations in Qamishli Office.
8- Religious Affairs Office.
9- Afforestation and Parks Office.
10- People’s Municipality of Qamishli.
The third phase of the ((Seedlings of Resilience)) campaign has launched today.
The ((Saplings of Resilience))
combat desertification and increase the green cover in Al-Hasakah.
Which is suffering from The water crisis which is a stark reminder of the challenges posed by climate change and the weaponization of water against the people of the region due to the Turkish government’s policy.
and also to promote civil work in addition to foster a sense of environmental responsibility and collective action to combat attacks on infrastructure.

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