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#Campaign_Agras_Al Samoud

With the participation of 21 local organizations, the Second Coordination Social Meeting
Organizations operating in Hasakah
With the participation of the Coordinator of the Alliance of Northeast Syrian Organizations
Where the previous phase was reviewed
Discussion of the current phase and future aspirations
And then write down the proposals and recommendations.
Where it was agreed to launch the second phase of Agras al-Samoud’s campaign
on Sunday 3/3/2024
Coordination with the Alliance of Organizations for the Planting of Resilience Trees
Qamishlu City on Wednesday 6/3/2024
After coordination with the Agriculture and Forestry Administration Authority and the People’s Municipality of Hasakah and Qamishlu
It’s worth mentioning that Agras al-Samoud’s campaign comes in.
To increase the green space in Hasakah thirsty due to the climate and Turkish policy of using water as a weapon against the peoples of the region, as well as to promote civic action
and promoting the concept of environmental responsibility and togetherness against infrastructure targeting.

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