Neglect of personal hygiene is a cause of the most significant health problems experienced by children. Accordingly, in order to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of and maintaining hygiene at the present time, especially with the spread of seasonal influenza among children.
A humanitarian organization took place on Wednesday 4/1/2023 in the city of Raqqa with Hope New and the Organization for Humanitarian and Development Cooperation (# HDC). Awareness-raising session on children’s hygiene. 35 children of different ages and groups were targeted. Through this session, we aim to raise children’s awareness of the need to maintain personal hygiene and the importance of maintaining it in daily life. Children need to be familiar with the rules of personal hygiene to protect them from germs and diseases.
This session is worth mentioning in cooperation and coordination with the # Office of Organizations
# Office of Child Protection. Civil Slavery Council.
# Organized for Humanity
# New Hope
# HDC Organisation

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