The way we work

Although cultures and values differ greatly between communities, HDC adheres to all standards, procedures, commitments, and human and organizational responsibilities necessary to ensure the best ways and mechanisms to continue to support stabilization efforts seeking the recovery and development of civil societies and its institutes.

International standards:

HDC adheres to the following quality standards and codes.

Code of Conduct:

This code of conduct is approved to use as a reference for HDC Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Disaster Relief - ICRC

Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability:

This Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability was approved to use as a reference for HDC as a non-governmental organization NGO.

CHS Guidance Notes and Indicators:

These CHS Guidance Notes and Indicators are approved to use as a reference for HDC as a non-governmental organization NGO.

Internal standards:

Administrative Policies:

The administrative policy and what it contains sections, positions, and tasks are based on the HDC ’s organizational structure, as it explains how to conduct strategic and tactical planning processes, and shows the rationale for the organization from the powers, responsibilities, and assignment of tasks, through the conditions of employment and appointment of competencies, to how to coordinate efforts, leading to implementation and follow-up The progress and evaluation of operational processes.

Financial Policies:

HDC has multiple financial transactions with others and with the HDC ’s employees, who are donors, purchases, employee salaries, and many expenses. In order for these operations to be regular and within a clear work mechanism, it was necessary to have a manual of financial procedures.


Human resources Policies:

This manual contains policies, guidelines, and procedures covering various aspects of the work environment however these policies and procedures do not form any part of the terms and conditions of your employment. The Policy represents what we believe to be the best standards of the employee-employer relationship as well as providing practical guidelines for action, so this guide is available for use by all HDC employees, whatever their rank.

Procurement Policies:

Purchasing procedures are defined as the detailed steps that must be followed in a sequential and chronological manner in a way that makes the employees of the HDC practice the routine work assigned to them. The importance of defining procedures stems from being a tool that helps unify work methods, achieves integration and perfection in its performance, guides implementer during the practice of their work, enables tight control, measures performance, and speeds up achievement in the case of simplified procedures and avoids work from chaos