community peace building and democracy

Peace is more than the absence of violence. While the period following the cessation of hostilities coupled with a return to normalcy is essential, the most necessary is social stability in its broader sense, which often conceals the fact that grievances or other causes of conflict have not been addressed and may resurface. At this point, we seek to promote what is described as “positive peace”.

Main Goal:

Strengthen positive peace and community stability


  • Everyone lives safely, without fear or threat of violence, and no violence is permitted by law or practice. ‏
  • Everyone is equal before the law, justice systems are reliable and fair, and effective laws protect people’s rights. ‏
  • Everyone can participate in the drafting of decisions concerning them, through effective and systematic participation.
  • Everyone has equitable and equal access to basic needs, such as food, clean water, shelter, education, health care, and a decent living environment. ‏
  • Everyone has equal opportunities to work and earn a living, regardless of gender, race, or other aspects of identity. ‏

Sectoral interventions:

The Community Peacebuilding Program’s sectoral interventions are a series of projects, activities and initiatives aimed at promoting positive peace and understanding in communities This program contains several elements and principles, including:

Outreach: This part of the program includes awareness-raising campaigns and dissemination of information about the importance of peace, tolerance and values of cooperation in society.

Education: Offering educational courses and workshops on tolerance, conflict resolution and negotiation skills for individuals and communities.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Providing tools and training to individuals and groups to understand how to resolve conflicts in peaceful ways and build bridges between different individuals and groups

Strengthening cooperation: Promoting cooperation and understanding between different groups and groups in society through joint projects and events

Promoting human values: Promoting shared human values such as justice, equality and human rights as foundations for building a peaceful society

Community participation: encouraging citizens’ active participation in decision-making processes and developing local policies.

Promoting peaceful culture: supporting arts, culture and social activities that promote mutual understanding and peace.

The community peacebuilding program can be implemented at a local or international level and can be adapted and adjusted to the specific community’s needs This program aims to achieve tolerance and understanding between individuals and communities and contribute to the creation of a peaceful and sustainable environment.