The planning background of HDC enables it to provide effective development consultations in the fields of environment and climate, urbanization and infrastructure, and economy and society. Which will provide real support to guide the development decision-making towards the right and feasibility.


1. Environmental: technical support for environmental projects (solid waste management, water supply, wastewater treatment, environmental impact).

2. Urban: Preparing studies and engineering solutions to urban problems such as housing crises, congestion, services, slums, and pollution, based on sustainability in urban planning through optimal use of available resources.

3. Infrastructure: preparation of studies that will develop infrastructure grids and improve the performance of their facilities to obtain adequate operationally and functionally appropriate services, which are the main component of the various diagnoses of the status quo, from which the various development plans are launched.

4.  Economic and social: empowering projects by raising their economic and social feasibility and small and medium enterprises by integrating them according to the principle of distributed and integrated generated for the economy. Developing economically viable forms of investment and giving consultations regarding the availability of sustainable job opportunities