In April 2021, the Global Drought Observatory (# GDO) issued a drought warning in eastern Syria, where the latest report by # FAO on rain analysis in Syria predicted that less rainfall associated with the # climate crisis would have serious consequences, putting the country on the path to becoming a security hotspot.
climate. Future droughts will increase and intensify, creating more problems for agriculture and communities as water levels decrease, both in rivers and in groundwater sources.
Like # Khabur for example:
Agricultural land in the # Tigris and Khabur basin fell by 71% in 2018, due to several factors combined, the most important of which is the lack of rainfall and drought of the Khabur stream and its transformation into a seasonal due to the expansion of reclamation projects among # Gap projects.
As a result, farmers and their farms have faced a difficult situation imposed on them and a severe impact on their economic activities. Not only has the social and economic sector been affected, but all environmental components of the water, air, soil, human, livestock and animal crises have deteriorated. Plants # NDVI.

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