The Agency for Development and Cooperation # Integrated Solutions and viable renewable energy projects derived those that pursue distributed energy generation. This enables the implementation of thousands of # SMEs that provide # society with sufficient energy to carry out its economic and social activities.
# Overview!!!…
# Energy is one of the most critical infrastructure that manages societies and their economies and affects other vital aspects of life In the case of northern and eastern Syria, it forms a supranational link with the outside power component, where the power component is more than 80% based on hydropower, After all the projects of Southeast Anatolia # GAP and exceeding thermal power plants for their design life In addition to the loss of annular connectivity to the public grid, the current status of the power component in northern and eastern Syria has become characterized by limited productivity and inefficient investment of the available resource and inability to cover current loads, as it depends on two main natural sources of gas and water public grid with an electrical capacity of approximately 210 megawatts, which does not cover minimum energy requirements in all regions of North and East by about 667.2 MW.

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