Discover our mission and vision

More than 13.5 million people are forcibly displaced in Syria, within or across the borders of their settlements. They often have to survive in harsh conditions. Those who have the courage to return home find themselves in a devastated environment. We reach out to people in need, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, religion, or gender. We invite you to join us in our mission.


We are here from relief to recovery

We support people who suffer from armed conflict or natural disasters by helping them rebuild their homes and livelihoods and live peacefully together in stable communities.


  • Work to mobilize resources and coordinate advocacy efforts for the benefit of the Syrians.‎

  • ‎Develop the business environment and enhance the pioneering role of youth in society‎

  • ‎Seeking to provide support channels by spreading a culture of donations using a right-to-development approach.‎

  • ‎Capacity and skills building by providing learning/training services to affected community members.‎

  • ‎Work to increase awareness of the public interest and enhance the concept of social responsibility‏.‏

  • ‎Contribute to the economic development processes of societies and improve their local production‎

  • ‎Supporting small and medium enterprises to create decent job opportunities.‎

OUR vision
We dream of a future that ensures prosperity as it should be

We believe in efforts that make a better future and fulfill peace, hope, stability, prosperity, and opportunity, for all people who suffer and …

we work on

  • All people enjoy a prosperous life that fulfills their aspirations for progress and prosperity.‎

  • ‎Achieving economic, social, and technological progress in harmony with the environment and its natural components.‎

  • ‎Orientation towards stability and sustainability in the three dimensions of economic, social, and environmental development.‎