To complement the Parks Assessment Program # PAP in the island area. # Derek
After the completion of the study and evaluation of public parks in Qamishli city where the data were collected and analyzed and the results presented at the Faculty of Agriculture in the presence of supervisors and participants. On 18 March 2023, the second phase of the project, the study and evaluation of public parks in the Dirk region and its countryside, began.
This project was carried out by the Organization for Humanitarian and Development Cooperation # HDC in partnership with the Faculty of Agriculture of Zanêngeha Rojava University University of Rojava and the Local Administration and Environment of the Island Region and People’s Municipality of Derek
Outcomes and proposals will be presented to support and stakeholders to achieve balanced recovery goals in urban parks in order to receive the support needed for environmental lungs and community social recreation spaces.
#HDC #Data #PLAN #PAP #environment #socialcohesion.

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