At the International Water Forum exhibition last September 12, the Director of the Agency for Development and Cooperation presented a presentation entitled “Water crisis and energy security” in the Middle Euphrates Basin.
The # Euphrates Basin and its residents were enjoying the benefit of its water resources during the Middle East turmoil, especially the Syrian crisis. projects, which created the conditions for accelerating work among Turkey’s South-East Anatolia projects, This is at the expense of # economic and social stability for over 16 million people in both Syria and Iraq. as well as exacerbating # climate change and the degradation of # natural environment components, All this has prompted the local population of # Iraq # Syria to move towards negative interventions to secure energy and water so that they can secure what helps them to provide # BasicLivelihoods.
All this has been met with timid humanitarian responses by international organizations and a clear failure of the mechanisms of the international community’s institutions in solving the problem of shared international waters.

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