Cooperation is crucial

We consider partnerships and collaboration essential elements of our ‎work. We cooperate with other ‎NGOs wherever possible, sharing knowledge and experience on ‎implementation and security, lobbying among decision-makers, ‎complementing each other in the performance of programs, ‎raising awareness among the public, and soliciting funds‎.

HDC is working with ROJAVA university. To exchange technical and knowledge experiences and achieve mutual benefit in data collection and analysis operations in the various joint development sectors between the University and us, this is within the framework of its strategic goal of spreading the concepts and applications of GIS in the scientific

Intending to exchange experiences and build organizational capacities, we have partnered with the Judy Organization for Relief and Development (JORD). To lay the foundations for joint work, the teams of the two organizations receive training courses and workshops that aim in the future to implement meaningful community projects that have a sustainable impact on the recovery of psychologically and socially affected communities and to build their professional and technical capabilities to become active producers in their local economy.




The Organization for Humanitarian and Development Cooperation #HDC signed of the joint cooperation agreement #JCA with Media Academy organization as a confident step towards cooperation in order to support and advocate for issues of community cohesion, build the capabilities of #youth from different social groups, and activate their leading role in their societies, especially #journalists and media professionals.