HDC operates in a fast-changing humanitarian environment. This provides both short-term and long-term challenges. The choices HDC is making for this strategic period are aimed at addressing some of the more immediate challenges, whilst keeping the eyes firmly focused on the longer-term future. In short:

  1. 1. HDC will place people at the center, both in our service delivery and within our organization.
  2. 2. HDC will improve the quality of its program implementation as it seeks to reach out to the most vulnerable people.
  3. 3. HDC will focus on improving its innovation capacity and more proactively share its expertise and experience with others (including policy makers).
  4. 4. HDC will grow and increase the engagement of its constituency with the plight of refugees, displaced people, and their host communities.
  5. 5. HDC will continue to explore and prepare for its long-term future through the use of a broad-based strategy group and through the use of scenario planning.

All these choices are further worked out in detail in the paragraphs below.