Strategic studies and reports

Our studies and reports, which are based on diagnosing the current actual situation in the targeted development sectors, focus on coming up with objective, integrated and applicable solutions that take into account the various circumstances and operational challenges. It seeks to be in the service of achieving sustainable development goals through advice and projects, some of which are strategic, and others that are tactical.

Specialized study It is specialized in demonstrating a phenomenon in its various aspects without extensively addressing other phenomena associated with it in the sector; it is the study of a specific section within the industry.

Sectoral study deals with the sector with all its sections and details but without the total integration between it and other sectors with mutual and overlapping influence.

Integrative study is a study that deals with the geography studied in its various sectoral aspects and the integration of each other to understand the identity of the place and the different characteristics of the activities involved in it.

Developing projects involve planning and allocating resources to develop a project from concept to going live entirely.

Support decision-making Linking and analyzing data on demand to support administrative and organizational decision-making activities by filtering and purifying large amounts of data to facilitate understanding and analysis for decision-makers.


Climate change its causes & consequences

A general report showing the situation of climate change phenomena and its impacts on vital development sectors in north and east Syria.


A report containing the daily data for water flow and energy production from {Tishrin (Rojava) -Tabqa (Furat ) – Bath(Azadi)} dams, which measured by General Administration of dams in NES and Edited by HDC


This report clarifies the deficit in the electrical generation capabilities and presents the most appropriate strategic and tactical solutions that possible in the current situation


Considering the population census in the region represents the golden number in the various regional more

WATER CRISIS and its repercussions


A general report showing the situation of Food and water security in north and east Syria